INTERNATIONAL: BORDERLESS CUISINE 10 - Gascony, the Acquitane and the Midi-Pyrenees

Gascony prior to the French Revolution


French Basque Country in Pink

The cuisine of Gascony is one of the pillars of French cuisine. Its originality stems from its use of regional products and from an age-old tradition, typical of the Aquitane and the Midi-Pyrenees, of cooking in fat, in particular goose and duck fat.
Soups:  The most famous Gascon soup is Garbure which is a thick French soup or stew of ham with cabbage and other vegetables, usually with cheese and stale bread added.


Looks better than other, doesn't it?  Jacques Pepin. 

Entree:  Foie gras is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine.

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Entree:  Bayonne Ham or Jambon de Bayonne (aka French Proscuitto) is a cured ham that takes its name from the ancient port city of Bayonne in the far South West of France, a city located in both the  cultural regions of Basque Country (Basque Country is made up of several areas in Northeastern Spain and Southeastern France) and Gascony. 

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Main course:  Duck confit (French: confit de canard French pronunciation: ​con fee deh can nar) is a French dish made with the whole duck. In Gascony, according to the families perpetuating the tradition of duck confit, all the pieces of duck are used to produce the meal. Each part can have a specific destination in traditional cooking, the neck being used for example in an invigorating soup, the garbure.  Duck confit is considered one of the finest French dishes.


Entree:  Boeuf de chalosse


Dessert:  Tourtiere

Image result for photos of saveur french apple tourtiere

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