Harvest, Cambridge

You can have brunch a la carte but only in the (dingy) indoor bar area. You can sit in the nice outdoor patio but you need to order the prix fixe full brunch menu with more food than you really want to eat. No... wait... OK, you can sit in the patio and order only what you want. But first you'll have to explain it a second time to the next snooty waitress who will tell you, once again, that you can't, etc, etc, until eventually you wear them down. Welcome to Sunday brunch at Harvest.

crab benedict

The food is pretty good. The service needs work.

St Dominic Apricot Charlotte

I am glad that summer is over.

Did you know that during summer food bloggers drive me crazy?

Yeh you do.

Oh I'm sure it's not intentional.

Still, the cumulative effect of all of you waving your punnets of berries and baskets of stone fruits in my face is a bit more than I can bear.

You bake pies, cobblers and clafoutis and sing praises to the rosy blush of summer fruit.

Meanwhile, I

We have a winner!

The winner of my blog anniversary giveaway is Dee. Congratulations!   I am really very thrilled since Dee is a regular visitor to my blog and comments on almost every post. She  is also a friend of mine. We may live miles apart  in different countries but thanks to the Internet we remain close. At first it felt a bit weird when her number came up and I worried about the fairness of the draw.

$100 Giveaway and My 1st Blogiversary.

In June this blog quietly and without any fanfare turned one year old. I should have baked a cake or something but I was lazy and didn't. Don't worry we can still celebrate with a giveaway CSNstores.com is going to give one lucky person $100 to spend at any one of their many stores. Now that's a lot better than cake in my books. Here is something else that is better than cake, seriously amazing