High Energy Refreshment

Lately I've been hearing voices.
These voices, they ask me to do things I don't want to do. Most recently these voices have been protesting the amount of time I spend blogging and they are also partially to blame for my delay in posting the reveal about that mystery fruit. I try but it's hard to ignore the voices. I swear, I can even hear them in my sleep!
Voice #1: " Mooooooom, may I have a

Mystery Fruit

Don't be fooled by it's boring brown exterior. This fruit is amazing! Do you know what it is? Click here or on my fan page button to play along. The idea for this came from blogger Caribbean Pot. Check out his lovely blog here, then head on over to his fan page to see some other uncommon Caribbean fruits.

Black Bean and Corn Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

This versatile salad goes anywhere and holds up well in the heat unlike mayo based salads. It's great for picnics, backyard barbecues, the beach or wherever you choose to hang out with family and friends enjoying the outdoors. This is the salad that I am asked to make most often when friends get together for a barbecue.

Of course you can stay in and have this as well. You will want to

Snooze, Denver

Most people rave about the pancakes. But who wants pancakes when there's a signature house-made English muffin to be had? A rare treat and one that didn't disappoint. I am now thinking of every reason I can to spend more time in Denver. Because more time in Denver means more visits to Snooze, an "eatery" singularly devoted to breakfast...

snooze benedict with signature english muffins

Why I am not vegetarain.

It's true that I delight in eating a wonderful variety of foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses, I adore them all. I have even been known to crave a salad on occasion. However, I cannot escape the fact that when I dream, it’s not about chunks of soya. My sleep has yet to be disturbed by a craving for lettuce, or spinach, or pumpkin. Folks this right here is why I am not a

Lucile's, Denver

Being surrounded by mountains it seemed like a good idea to order pan fried mountain trout. I was in Denver, after all. Lucile's came well recommended. And the Eggs Pontchartrain sounded good: trout, topped with poached eggs, smothered in bernaise and served with grits, biscuit and home fries. Indeed it was good. But only good. Not great...

luciles eggs pontchartrin