Cornmeal Rosemary Cake with Pine Nuts and Orange Glaze

This is me, trying my hardest to be a lovacore and not  succeeding! Eating  locally makes sense. It's a way to build a more self reliant  economy. It is also better for the environment since imported food uses  more fossil fuels to transport it to supermarkets than locally grown  produce.  For an entertaining yet thought provoking account of one family's attempt to adopt a lovacore or local

Toro, Boston

There are places in Boston that are popular for reasons I do not understand. And then there are places like Toro, 1704 Washington Street, Boston, MA, Tel +1 (617) 536-4300. Toro is popular because it is good. The food is good. The venue is good. The service is good. The coffee is not horrible. You can even get an Aperol Spritz.

Hampton Inn, Princeton

For an illustration of the moral hazard of serving a free breakfast, look no further than the Hampton Inn, 4385 US Route 1 South, Princeton, New Jersey, Tel +1 (609) 951-0066. I don't know what scared me the most. Was it the yellow crumbles that may well have been powdered eggs? Or was it the collection of pale brown digits that looked like a crime scene from Law and Order: SVU? The hash browns also looked horrible. But at least I could tell they were hash browns.

Now, I'm not saying the eggs were powdered. Nor am I saying any sex crimes were committed during the preparation of the breakfast buffet. And I'm not even saying the food tasted bad. I didn't eat it. I'm just saying it looked a little scary to me. That's all. It may well have been delicious.

All Heart, No Hassle Valentine's Day Breakfast

You have heard it before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast kicks starts your metabolism and helps you shed unwanted pounds. Eating a high fibre breakfast is also beneficial for people wanting to lower their cholesterol.

Despite my reading constantly about the importance of breakfast, I am one of those people who struggles with it. It is my least


As an entire country rushes headlong towards the mother of all street parties, it has been  difficult impossible to think about anything other than Carnival! Love it or hate it, the energy and the excitement is unavoidable.
Carnival in T&T is so special to all ah we
Like we need blood in we vein
That's how we feel about Port-of-Spain (*capital city of Trinidad)
When the posse dem come in town

I'm in love...

Here. Eat this.
Nyam nyam nyam....
Do you know what you are eating?
Uhmmm, yeah. Cheesecake with a blueberry topping.
Cheesecake, yes. Blueberry, no.
Some kind of berry?
No. It's sorrel.
For real?
For REALLY real.
It's good.
Yeah, I know.
Happy Valantine’s Day

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