Icoco, Albert Park

Coffee is the main event at Icoco, 143 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Tel +61 3 9690 7638. But they also serve a pretty decent breakfast. The Icoco Benedict, for example, was most enjoyable.

Not perfect. But most enjoyable. I had it with plenty of crispy bacon and a big serve of wilted spinach, topped with poached eggs and fresh hollandaise, and served on a couple of slices of sourdough toast. If you prefer, you can switch the bacon for smoked salmon and salted baby capers, or roasted flat mushrooms. You can also switch the sourdough for homebaked gluten free bread. Decisions, decisions.

I made the mistake of adding potato roesti as a side, which was far too limp, dark and greasy for my liking.

If you stray out to the back courtyard you'll soon discover why Icoco is a coffee-maven's paradise. They have their own fancy roasting machine, and big brown bags of beans stacked in every corner.

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